Tuesday, March 4

Event: UP Diliman's Hagikhikan 2014

Last Friday, I watched the most-awaited UP Diliman Faculty Follies, titled Hagikhikan (Filipino word for laughter). It's a show where members of the faculty perform for the students and have fun on stage. The last time they had a show was ages ago, so people were really excited. It was my first time but I already had an idea on what to expect because of previous year's videos on YouTube. Performances were by college, and the event was hosted by the very funny Jovy Peregrino. Proceeds of the show were donated to Haiyan's victims. At P100 per ticket, it was so worth it.

We wanted to get good seats so we lined up at around 6:00pm to watch the 7:00pm show. I heard that the night performance was more fun than the afternoon because more people attended. The theater was full!

If you watched last Friday's show, you will agree with me that it was so, so, so funny that it was so, so, so awesome. It was a perfect way to end an awfully busy week (like mine). The mini performances were so entertaining.

The show was opened by the amazing UP Pep Squad. It was my first time to watch them live so you can just imagine my reaction. I was in total awe. They were so good! I was in for a surprise because near the end of the number, one of my college professors (that's you Sir Silvestre) came out and danced too! Too bad I wasn't able to capture it on cam.

But there's a video floating around. So, if you want to watch the UP Pep Squad's performance, here's a video link from Felix Dean Ysagun.

College of Social Science and Philosophy was called that night Congregation ng mga Saykotik at Swabeng-swabe sa Pagsayaw. Haha! They were really good dancers too. Galeng! Bigay na bigay!

When College of Fine Arts (CFA) was up, La Diva (the host) introduced them as Council ng mga F*cking-ina-mo Artists! Yes, he was really making fun of the college names. For me, the CFA performers won best in costume and makeup.

College of Home Economics and the School of Library and Information Studies aka Combination of Hotness and Elegance (CHE) and Sosyalerang Librarian na Intelligent at Sexy (SLIS) did a Wicked/Frozen-inspired performance.

There was a bit of audience participation too. This guy was part of last Hagikhikan performance (he's an Arki prof too so I was told), and the host conveniently asked him to donate for Haiyan. The host asked for his wallet (all for fun), and this Arki prof willingly gave it. The host found some credit cards, bills and oops, a condom. The audience roared. Funniest moment. Swear.

College of Arts and Letters (CAL) did a Katy Perry number. It was so colorful. They had a lot of participating faculty members.

Call me biased, but I think that College of Architecture (Arki) took the best performance award. Haha! The guys danced their asses off, and there wasn't a moment when the audience was quiet. They were shouting and enjoying the view. I couldn't even hear myself! The performance started with a group of people doing a pretty awkward Swan Lake dance (think guys in white pig masks in jeans and tutus), and transitioned to a really great dance number. Who knew they could dance like that?

Here's a video link (uhmm, I'm not sure if you'll be able to see it though).

After each college's performance, the host interviews someone who just performed like this one Arki dude, who apparently became the talk of Twitterverse re Hagikhikan.

Timeline screen grabbed from Hagikhikan

College of Engineering had fun and did a shadow play.

College of Human Kinetics did a Cirque-sque number, complete with pole dancing pa. The guys were in swim trunks (oh em gee, pumayag sila?). At first glance, I was so impressed because there was a lot of abs. But yeah, they were just painted on. LOL!

College of Statistics came up next with a skit slash dance number. A lot of students loved this one -- probably because of Sir Mico.

For the finale, UP President Alfredo Pascual sang in front of us, complete with a live pianist. Galeng!

I suddenly miss UP. Just look at this stage -- full of fun!

At the end of the show, La Diva called up everyone on stage so the audience can take photos with the performers. Here I am with the coolest CFA professors.

--- and finally, backstage with the Arki profs! Yihee!

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  1. Wow! I missed this :) Sir Jovy was my Prof for Wika, Kultura at Lipunan - an elective I took once upon a summer :)

    1. Chrissy, how cool! Your class must have been real fun!

  2. I was able to watch a show a few years back and I really enjoyed it then too. I love your skirt here Ging and it's cool to see some of our orgmates make up the faculty now in Arki. :D

    1. Thanks Cher! Thanks to Cotton On. :) Yep, you should come watch again. I heard there's another one in December.

  3. Sounds really cool. Nakakaloka how Arki was connected to sexual intercourse. Hahaha. Nice!


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