Monday, February 17

Crafts/DIY: Ring Dish

Have you seen these trinket dishes from Anthropologie?

Giraffe Trinket Dish $16
Wishbone Jewelry Dish $48

Well, since Anthropologie is non-existent here in Metro Manila (please come over -- pretty please?), I decided to make my own.

* white ceramic dish 
Source: I got these tiny condiment plates from a bazaar ($2/8 pieces). They also sell these
at department stores. The cheaper, the better. 

* animal figurine
Source: This one is from a baking supply store. I think they're cake toppers. ($1/pair)

*gold paint pen (Sharpie or Artline)
Source: National Bookstore

* instant glue (like Mighty Bond)
Source: National Bookstore or local hardware store

[1] Color your figurine entirely with gold pen. Make sure you get into the cracks as well.

[2] Once you finish, try out how it will look on your dish. 

[3] I decided to put it near the corner. But don't glue it just yet. Draw in some
polka dots. Make it random just like the one below. 

I tried using hole reinforcements as your stencils, then I colored them in. The problem
was that sometimes the color bled out, so some of my dots looked ugly.
I prefer using the Artline brand on the dish. I tried Sharpie, but the gold
color on the dish just wasn't gold enough.

[4] Secure the figurine with instant glue. Tada!

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  1. super cute, perfect for Easter too!

  2. nice & looks easy to make. ;)

  3. Yours looks even better! Great work! :D


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