Thursday, February 13

I'm a Cheap Date. So What?

For months, I've been bugging Daddy E to take me out on a lunch date. I wanted to try the foodie spots at UP Diliman, and I'm not talking about the different restaurants at the university. I'm talking about the Rodic's and the Beach Houses of the area, especially when the news about the Beach House will soon close broke out. For those who are not familiar with Rodic's and Beach House, they are the canteens and not-so-secret eating spots for students of UP Diliman. So yeah, they are seriously for the budget conscious.

I didn't have the chance to eat at any of these places when I was at UP. I don't know why, but yeah, I have no excuse. So now, I'm trying to make up for lost time. I've tried Rodic's earlier (read about my experience here), and I enjoyed it so much, I went back for seconds.

This time, we wanted to explore other foodie places in the area. Enter The Snack Shack and Jing's Lutong Bahay. The Snack Shack's this tiny spot beside PhilPost near the tennis courts, while Jing's Lutong Bahay is down J.P. Laurel street.

The Snack Shack is just a tiny burger and sausage shack put up at the corner of J.P. Laurel and Roces Streets. I actually didn't notice it when we went and looked for parking at the Shopping Center near it.

A P70 quarter pounder wasn't all that bad. It's quite yummy actually. I like the way the patty was grilled too. I like it better than most fast food places. You can also put add-ons if you'd like.

So my tip is, you order this ahead of time. You can send an SMS to their number 0915-259-9495 around 30 minutes before. If you're not pressed for time, just go there and order your burger. Then walk for about a couple of minutes down J.P. Laurel Street and look for Jing's Lutong Bahay. They sell fruit slushes which fill up about a Starbucks Venti (I would say) -- for only P40! This was my P40 strawberry shake. Not bad, right? After you get your fruit shake, your burger at The Snack Shack will be just about done. Wow, a P110 lunch date? That's less than $3! Coolbeans!

If you're an alumni of the University of the Philippines, this is a great idea! Daddy E and I are both from UP, and we had a wonderful time trying these out. Come to think of it, it still is a great idea for couples and friends even if you're not from UP.

Wanna go try them out? Here's the map:

The Snack Shack
Roces cor. J.P. Laurel Sts.,
University of the Philippines, 
Diliman, QC

Jing's Lutong Bahay
113 J.P. Laurel Street,
University of the Philippines, 
Diliman, QC

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  1. Loved these kind of places back in college - I went to FEU, Morayta girl yata ako, so I miss "Pinky Pop" and "Nitz" will probably bring our kiddos to these places when we go home again. These look so yum and glad that you got to try them out before they close>

  2. i would love to try that too - rediscovering foodie joints in UP. ;)


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