Tuesday, February 11

Crafts/DIY: $0 Valentine's Day Art

I was looking at my messy desk, and found some scraps of used stationery and some cut origami paper. I didn't have the heart to throw them away because they were still in good condition -- no wrinkles or anything like that. For some reason, I thought of tangrams using right triangles and decided to make art using the paper I found.

* paper scraps 
(stationery, newspaper, origami, 
wrapping paper)
* card stock for backing
* scissors
* ruler
* all-purpose glue

[1] Cut your paper scraps into workable rectangular strips.
I found that 1-1/2" strips are easy to manage.

[2] Then cut into squares. Then triangles.

[3] Play around with the triangles to make a shape, like how I did
letter "A" below.

or you can make a heart, too.

[4] When you're happy with the positioning, glue the shapes on
cardstock. You can frame it after and give it as a gift this Valentine's.

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  1. Love the HEART the most! Cute and easy for sure! Thanks Mommy G!


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