Thursday, February 6

Toddler: Playtime

When I was a kid, the things that occupied my time was studying and playing outside. I remember my yaya putting lampin with baby powder on my back to keep me cool while playing (yes, it was Johnson's baby powder). My mom used it on us, and I use it on Allie now, especially after bathtime.

Kids now are so attached with digital technology that simple things like playgrounds are being taken for granted. When I was a kid, playing on the street in front my mom's house was still considered safe. Now, I guess I'm too paranoid to let my daughter play there. I find it unthinkable. So whenever we get the chance to go to the playground, we go. There are a few that we go, and it is such a joy to find Allie enjoy it.

Indoor playgrounds are great too. You don't have to worry too much about heat, sunburn or even rain. It was Allie's first time in Active Fun, during the Johnson's Baby Play Factory event last weekend. She was so excited to go and play, she didn't want to eat inside the event place first. Haha. The event itself was like a children's party. Balloons were everywhere, and the food is totally stamped with kids' party label on it -- spaghetti and chicken lollipops! Yum. Kulang nalang hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks.

I went inside the playground with Allie. I got tired but I had so much fun too.

After playing for like an hour or so, I had to change Allie's clothes because I didn't want her catching a cold because of her sweaty clothes. It was good that the folks at Johnson's gave us tons of baby powder during the event, so I was able to use that for her body to make her feel refreshed.

They also gave us this cool Play Factory toolbox.

Inside was this tiny flyer saying, "Introducing, the newest tool for unlimited fun! PLAY FACTORY from Johnson's Baby Powder. It can be anything! Turn it into fairy dust! Use it in a dance step! Use it for drawing patterns on the skin! The possibilities are endless! Turn powder time into a fun, engaging, imagination-filled activity with Johnson's Baby Powder!"

It reminded me so much of my childhood. Well, I'm sure most of you in my generation used baby powder in your play kitchen. I remember mixing it with water and lotion and pretended I was cooking a delicious meal for my dolls. 

Allie's no different when it comes to baby powder. This was taken a few months ago by my mother-in-law. It's good they had this huge bottle of Johnson's Baby Powder right? At least there was still some left for actual body use. Haha.

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  1. Oh definitely! It took me a while to the fact that they don't use much baby powder here in the U.S.! Come summer time, my boys still get a good dose to keep them fresh and bango!


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