Thursday, September 4

Crafts/DIY: Chalkboard Paint Tutorial

I've been looking for chalkboard paint, and although I've found some, there are only a few colors available. Well, what do you know? You can customize your own chalkboard paint color by using just two materials:

* 1 cup of latex paint -- This can be any color of your choice so there's unlimited colors you can use.
* 1 to 2 tbsp of unsanded tile grout

All you have to do is mix them extremely well and there you go, you can now start painting using your own chalkboard paint.

Wouldn't it be cuter if these black backgrounds were another color, say pink?

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  1. Hi Ging! Can this be painted onto any surface? Like wood or the wall? :-)

    1. Hi Cym! Yup! Just prime it correctly first.


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