Wednesday, March 20

Shopping: Keds x Kate Spade NY

When I was in grade school, Tretorn was all the rage. Then Keds came along, and that became a hit. It's been a while since I bought Keds. Maybe it's an age thing. But this collaboration with Kate Spade NY is so adorable, I think I may have to rethink my footwear choices. Haha. Ang kyot kasi noh.

via Teen Vogue

I think these sneakers would look so adorable with colorful cropped pants. I think I can still pull it off. Haha. I love the stripes and the ginghams. The hot pink ones work too. :)

via Kate Spade instagram
They're supposedly available at Kate Spade NY, Nordstrom and since February 2013. But I can't find them there. Anyone knows where to get them?

Update: They are in Kate Spade NY stores in Bangkok, but pricewise, it's way too much -- almost twice the price than if you buy online.

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  1. they have just been available online today, got the email. :-)

    1. Ahhh that's why! I've been looking at :P But it's been available daw in stores na dati pa, my friend said. :) Heehee, are you getting?


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