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A Scholarship from Downunder in Manila

I came across this fantastic opportunity for high school students who are about to graduate this year. Filipino families, in general, value college education a lot, and I mean a lot. I hear of stories where parents do whatever it takes just to get their kids to college. It is a dream for every parent to see their children graduate with a degree. 

Times are getting tougher though. Tuition fees have nowhere to go but up. So, when I came across this great news, I thought that I should share it with you guys. If you know someone who is graduating this year, and wanted to get a degree in Accounting, please tell them about this. Bonus points if they're a fan of Hugh Jackman (he's Australian, haha). It's a scholarship offer from the Australian Catholic University (ACU) Manila.

The deadline is fast approaching so hurry up! :-)


via ACU Manila

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) Manila has announced that it is offering full and partial scholarships this coming school year.

Based on academic merit and talent, the “Esteban Scholarship Awards” will provide one full scholarship, two 50% scholarships and ten 20% scholarships. A full scholarship is valued at AUD 5,200 or PHP 246,000 per year. All scholarships are offered for the entire 3-year program in Manila. 

ACU Manila offers the opportunity to gain a world-recognised Australian Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree and equips students to practice the profession in both Australia and the Philippines.

To apply, graduating high school students must have a minimum academic average of 85%; demonstrate level of analytical skills by writing a paper on how Australian business education can empower him or her as a global citizen; like and visit ACU Manila’s Facebook page (; complete application and referral forms; and attend an Information Session with a parent or guardian.

Scholarship slots are available to graduating high school students, as well as to first to third year undergraduate degree students. Application deadline is on April 03, 2013.

The ACU Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree offers units specific to Australian accounting requirements in addition to Philippines-specific units. It prepares students for entry-level employment as well as future managerial positions.

ACU students develop an understanding of how commercial, industrial and service organisations operate. They also acquire skills to practice in a wide range of finance and accounting occupations such as accountant, auditor, investment manager, financial analyst, stockbroker, tax specialist or treasurer.

The ACU Manila campus is located at the Ground Floor of the Makati Stock Exchange Building, 6767 Ayala Ave., Makati City. For further inquiries, you may call (+632)5019347, (+632)4748345, visit, or email
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  1. nice info...thanks

  2. This is great! you know, my hubby finished college and med school on just scholarships? He came from a family with limited means, and without the scholarships, who knows if he would even have gone to med school!

    We really hope to do something like this for some of our kababayans someday. We value education a lot and try to instill this in our kids. :-)


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