Tuesday, March 5

Beauty: Sephora + Pantone Universe

I am a lover of energy. I am a lover of possibility. I am a lover of power. Energy, possibility and power represent emerald, the Pantone color of 2013. So it's no surprise that this is my favorite color of the year from Pantone so far.

via Pantone

Now, folks, we don't have Sephora (yet) in the Philippines. But you my lucky readers who have a Sephora near you, you get to see the wonderful Sephora + Pantone Universe collection in person.
via Sephora
Bring out the confidence in you by getting this six-piece makeup set featuring emerald colors. Although I won't be using all these all at the same time, it's good to have because using at least one will enhance your eyes, I'm sure. :-)

"This year, Sephora + Pantone Universe evolve their breakthrough partnership to forecast the color of radical modernism, where graphic shock meets the speed of modern life. Transfixing and dynamic, the Color of the Year sparks a highly charged mood for the seasons ahead. Visualize a color revolution of infinite potential—from subtle effects to saturated statements—fueled by a hunger for high-tech impact. Experience Emerald from every angle through never-before-seen formulas designed to energize the way you wear color in 2013. Connect. Charge. Power up with the Color of the Year." -Sephora

Sephora has three Color Theory Shadow Block ($26 each) under their Sephora + Pantone Universe Collection.
via Sephora

If you ask me what my favorites are, I love the Elemental and Bionic Color Theory Shadow Blocks, and these ones below.

1 Mini Graphic Effect Lacquers $18
2 Color Byte Lip Wands $24
3 Graphic Lift Liquid Eyeliner $17
4 Color Theory Sculpting Blush $24
5 Color Block Beauty Box $38

What do you think about the Sephora + Pantone Universe collection? Yay or nay?

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  1. Definite YAY, BUT, I'm no make-up junkie so the most I would go emerald for would be my clothes, bag and shoes!! Oh, and maybe the nail polish too!:-)


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