Wednesday, June 4

It Was a Sige Sabado Kind of Saturday

Allie and I love doing arts and crafts, so when I got a package, imagine my excitement when I saw what was inside. It was a Sige Sabado playbox from Breeze Philippines. There were all sorts of materials for various craft activities:
1. Tie dye kit 
2. Harlequin mask 
3. Raise a monggo plant 
4. Dinosaur egg bath soaps 
5. Popsicle names and pen holder 
6. Slime 
7. Animal balloon papier mache 
8. Chocolate drawing

I asked Allie what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to make the pen holder. I guess she was attracted to the colorful popsicle sticks and the stickers that came with it.

I started showing her how to do it by making a square base first, then stacking the sticks two at a time. She helped out by handling me the sticks I needed. Halfway through the project, she was the one putting the sticks together while I applied the glue.

When we finished the basic container, I gave her the stickers so she can decorate the pen holder. Well, if you can’t tell yet, stickers are her favorite so I let her go decorate the pen holder like crazy.

Don’t you think she did an awesome job? We can’t wait to do the next project. Maybe we’ll plant some monggo seeds next or maybe do the tie dye project. It will surely keep us busy before school starts. We love the Sige Sabado playbox. It really gave us more ways to spend some time together. Thanks Breeze Philippines!
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