Monday, December 16

Awesome Ads Worth Sharing

I rarely share these kinds of things. But here are a few advertisements that caught my attention.

This first one is by Pantene Philippines. It focuses on the double standards that are present in society, most especially in the workplace. Although not all women face these kinds of labeling, I found it somehow true.

Video from Pantene Philippines, Labels Against Women.

This next one made me laugh so hard I almost cried. It's about parenthood and it really hit close to home -- the good news, the new messy normal, the sleepless nights, the "H" position -- well, I guess almost everything except the second baby. Haha. At least not yet. Oh, and to those who are avid Coke drinkers, yup, this Coke product is green! It is naturally sweetened with stevia -- go stevia! Please bring it to the Philippines.

Video from Coca-Cola Life Argentina, Ser Padres.

Finally, here's the bringer of Christmas cheer. Enjoy!

Video from West Jet, West Jet Christmas Miracle: Real-Time Giving.

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  1. OMG Ging, Thanks for sharing this, I have to share it too on FB!!! Fantastic! Made me feel good! Merry Christmas dear!!!!


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