Monday, November 11

Toddler: Playgrounds

I wish there were more playgrounds in Metro Manila.

This concrete jungle is in dire need of child-friendly playgrounds. Okay, I say child-friendly because I see playgrounds here that don't have rubber mats. They're on concrete. I even saw one at Global City that wasn't well-maintained. Tapos, there was a grown man in tsinelas hanging out on one of the slides! Ano ba yun? What the f***? 

It is during these times when I wish we were still living in our old neighborhood where there's a great and safe playground a few minutes away. 

The nice playgrounds are in exclusive country clubs. Those in public malls are so filled with kids every single time. It was serendipitous when I brought Allie with me to an event near our place, and we passed by an empty playground. It was still early so I decided to let her play for a good 30 minutes. Oh wow, if I could bring her there everyday, I will. The joy on her face was such a sight to see. 

Maybe it's a good idea to put a nice playground at the farm! Now if only I know where to source it.

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  1. So true, glad you got a quick respite with Allie here. You can have it built there if you want Ging, just copy some of the simple wooden versions here. Labor is cheaper there, just grab a cheap slide and swing and add it on and build it in your farm!


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