Saturday, November 23

Gift Wrapping Ideas

I love wrapping gifts. So naturally, this holiday season really excites me. I have yet to finalize my theme for this year, but I have a pretty good idea on what it will be.

I attended a gift wrapping workshop hosted by the folks at Unilab, and it was such an inspiration. I was bummed that it was just a presentation. I wanted to get my hands durrrty! Hmmm maybe I ought to have a gift wrapping workshop down at CRAFTED, don't you think? Haha, I digress. Moving on...

A gift wrap enthusiast should always have a basketful of holiday odds and ends -- ornaments, leaves, ribbons, pips, etcetera. Inspiration can be anywhere from the pine cones you pick up in Baguio or your backyard to old ornaments you have no use for.

gift wrap idea no. 1 
kraft paper + artificial holly + twine

gift wrap idea no. 2
plain white paper + thick ribbon + old christmas tree decor + pine cone

gift wrap idea no. 3
cartolina + sheer ribbon + berries + leaves

gift wrap idea no. 4
kraft paper spray painted with copper + wide metallic ribbon

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