Wednesday, November 26

Candles, Toddlers and Diaper Rash Creams

They really shouldn't go together. Last All Saints' Day, we visited our dearly departed ones at the cemetery, and Allie went with us. Sadly, a little accident happened. She was playing with flowers and tripped towards this candle holder with the metal cover. She burnt a part of her forearm. Yes, ouch. Yes, there were a couple of blisters. Yes, she cried. Yes, I felt so bad I wanted to cry too.

Photo credit to my father-in-law

I read somewhere that diaper rash cream can be used for minor burns, and being in a cemetery with no first aid in sight, I used my handy dandy diaper rash cream on her burn after we washed her arm with water. I know that it really helped soothe her because she stopped crying almost immediately.

I was so glad that I had the diaper rash cream in my bag then. I am forever grateful to Mustela because when I attended this Mustela launch event a few weeks ago, among the stuff they gave out was this tube of their Vitamin Barrier Cream. I started using it on Allie's behind everytime we change nappies, and I always carry it with me.

I am a convert now, just so you know. Not only does the Vitamin Barrier Cream work effectively on diaper rashes, but on burns too! It doesn't have that nasty fish smell. I love that it is very affordable and very available at local department stores.

So what happened to Allie's burn? When we left the cemetery, we went to the drugstore and bought silver sulfadiazine. It's an antibiotic, and because she had blisters, my doctor friend suggested to apply it thickly twice a day, after washing, and cover her burn with sterilized gauze. After about a week, her skin is completely healed. Now, I just apply some moisturizer and prevent sunburn on her arm to lessen the discoloration. A dermatologist told me it will take about six months for it to become less noticeable. But really, I barely notice it on her arm now.

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  1. Thank goodness kids heal quickly, no? I super love Mustela products too ;-)


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