Monday, July 21

Crafts/DIY: Paper Flowers Workshop with Gourdo's

My workshops have been scarce and far between because of work and travel. But this coming September, there will a couple coming up. Both will be about paper flowers. This time, it will be held in the south of Metro Manila -- woohoo!

There will be new materials to use. I know you've been waiting for this folks. This is the first time we'll be using premium crepe paper so come and join us okay?

Here are some of the flowers we can make using the new materials.

Inspired yet?

Here are the deets.

* September 13 (Saturday) | 1-4pm | Gourdo's Fort
* September 20 (Saturday) | 1-4pm | World Market Alabang Town Center

For sign-ups and registration, please call Gourdo's 24-hour hotline at 812-3022.

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  1. Wish I could go! Maybe next year when I go home in the summer there will something like this!

    1. Let me know when you're here. Let's meet up and have a craft session :)

  2. These are soo pretty! It will be perfect to learn how to make these flowers for my daughters' project :-)

    1. Thanks Lani! It's pretty therapeutic too. :)


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