Sunday, January 5

Veronica Mars, The Teeny Bopper Movie To See

Once upon a time, I was a member of the Veronica Mars fandom, and president of the Veronica-Logan love team. Yes folks, I loooove Veronica Mars. I have the series on DVD, and I probably watched them a gazillion times already (much like Friends), and I still am an adoring fan. There was something about a high school/college outcast sleuth that kept me wanting more. I was so bummed when the series ended.

Fast forward to 2013 -- rumors surfaced that there is a Veronica Mars project that's going to bring all the cast back together. It was even on Kickstarter for goodness' sake (Heard they raised an awesome $5.7M). If only I had $10k to spare, I would have pledged that, and made sure I was in the area so I can have a speaking role in the movie (lol).

A few days back, when a list of must-see movies for 2014 went viral, there it was! The Veronica Mars movie showing on March 14th. The powers that be made it possible. But they'll be showing the movie only in AMC theaters. Well, if you're not in the US by then, don't fret. It will be on DVD and Blu-Ray this May.

Watch the trailer now and hyperventilate.

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  1. Never seen this would you believe? Must check it out sometime. :-)


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