Wednesday, June 29

Family: Going Home

I have a confession.

My husband and I made a big decision to move back to the other side of the world and be near our families. You see, we lived in the US for post-graduate studies and work. The last few weeks were endless nights of putting our stuff in luggages and moving boxes. I swear it seemed forever. It was challenging my Tetris prowess. Wait, do you remember that game? Filling each box was like playing a Tetris game. At first, it was rewarding... fitting tons of clothes and thingamajigs into one box was winning a Tetris game. But 37 times with a newborn (not crying but needing care) in the background?! It was tiring.

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No, my baby does not NOT cry. She does when she's starving or when she gets her shots. She just makes sounds. She's a sound machine. I guess we are lucky she's low-maintenance. In fact, other people tell us, baby A makes them want their own baby.

Where exactly is home?

See this map?

Atlanta is on the left, and we traveled all the way to the right part of the map.

It was a day's worth of plane rides. We even spent a night in San Francisco just so we can rest. The plane ride traverses the Pacific so we passed by California. Since we had a lot of extra baggage, we took a stretch limo to the hotel. Haha!

Oh, and for those of you who find the map above cute, I saw it in L'Affiche Moderne. I find the French version "Tour du Monde" cooler. But yes, they do have an English version too.

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