Tuesday, November 15

Crafts/DIY: Holiday Wrap No. 1

This is probably one of the cheapest wrapping idea I came across with.

All you need are:
- kraft cartolina (kraft paper that's card stock heavy), P6.50 (~ $0.15) for about 2'x3' sheet
- scissors / cutter
- glue stick
- fabric tape / decorative tape, P39.25 (~ $0.90) for a roll

Total = P45.75 (~ $1.05)

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Hi, where did you get the washi tape?

  2. Trisha, it's actually fabric tape. I bought mine at Landmark's stationery/gift area. If they ran out na, there are some washi tape-ish products at Saizen.

  3. Anonymous2:02 AM

    Hi, where did you buy the kraft cartolina? thanks! :) You have very nice works.

    1. Are you based in the Philippines? If so, you can find kraft cartolina at your friendly neighborhood National Bookstore. :) if you're from the US, maybe Michael's carries it.


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